Grasslands Nursery & Garden Supplies in Summerland, BC is a small family owned and operated business by Lauren Forsyth and Mike Hughes. The nursery was founded in 2005 by Toni Boot and created out of her determination to conserve water for the Okanagan Landscape.

Lauren and Mike are excited to continue Toni’s mission and add their own expertise and energy to the nursery. Mike has a background in landscaping and is a heavy equipment operator, and Lauren’s background is in landscaping and maintenance.

Multiple demonstration gardens throughout the nursery show how self-sustaining water and soil are when they work together to create beautiful landscapes. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Grasslands we would love to help you create your dream landscape right in your own back yard!

At the nursery we provide unique and fresh produce proudly grown by our staff, bulk landscape sales & deliveries, as well as a large selection of native plants to the Okanagan valley alongside carefully selected shrubs, perennials, ornamental trees and grasses.

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