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Grasslands carries a variety of landscaping supplies for your garden and landscaping projects, including bark mulch, soil, manures and amendments and rock products.


Peat Soil–
Used by orchardists and vineyards for new plantings and replanting of trees and vines. Reduces the effect of replant disease. Contains mycorrhizae and creates a beneficial soil food web. Excellent moisture-holding capacities and is mixed with the existing soils to balance PH. Peat soil is partially decomposed vegetable matter, usually mosses, found in bogs and sometimes burned as fuel or mixed into soil to improve growing conditions.

Top Soil–
A balanced blend of topsoil, peat moss, black peat, volcanic ash and sand. Screened down to 5/8″ minus. Does not contain sewage bio solids or wood waste. Contains 60% peat moss. Ready to use for all planting requirements such as new lawns, seeding or sod, new gardens, flower beds, trees or shrubs. Abundant organic matter which holds moisture and nutrients.

Grasslands Veggie Mix–
This mixture is ideal for the vegetable gardener and for those looking to amend the soil in those vegetable beds. Mixture contains peat soil, topsoil, sand, worm castings, organic compost and composted horse manure. This product does NOT contain bio-solids (processed sewage). PH tested and sits at neutral.

Organic Compost (Big Horn Product)–
Big Horn Natural Compost is a compost made from agricultural wastes such as animal bedding and grape pomace. The compost is turned and where required, water is added for optimal composting conditions. The product is monitored for temperatures and is tested for fertility, pathogens and contaminants. This high quality product is OMRI listed for use in certified organic production.

Veggie Blend sold by Grasslands Nursery and Garden Supplies in Summerland
Veggie Blend sold by Grasslands Nursery and Garden Supplies in Summerland


Premium Mulch–
Richly dark, almost black in colour, this mulch is high in organic matter and essential nutrients to enrich the soil as it slowly decomposes, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers that are prone to leaching. Provides soil erosion protection with moisture-holding capacity.

Local Mulch–
Unscreened local spruce, pine and fir that makes an economical mulch for all garden uses. Also great for covering banks and for moisture retention. A nice golden brown colour once exposed to the elements. The local mulch is mainly larger bulkier pieces.

Manures and Amendments sold by Grasslands Nursery and Garden Supplies in Summerland


Horse Manure

Worm Castings